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 Editorial Vocabulary from The Hindu Newspaper

Steadying hand: On RBI’s monetary statement

The Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Committee has since inception retained its unwavering focus on its primary remit: the preservation of price stability. It follows then that the central bank’s rate-setting panel opted to leave benchmark interest rates unchanged and retain a neutral stance to achieve the medium-term target of keeping Consumer Price Index inflation close to 4% on a durable basis, while supporting growth. Spelling out the rationale for the decision, the MPC felt that with global crude oil prices having “firmed up further” amid a pick-up in demand and tighter supplies in the wake of OPEC’s production cuts, the threat of upward pressure on accelerating inflation has increased appreciably. Add to this the uncertainty posed by the prospects of weaker-than-anticipated kharif crop output and the impact this may have on food prices, and the concerns agitating policymakers will be evident. There are also the not-so-small matters of farm loan waivers by States that could roil the quality of public spending and exert price pressures — as well as the question of when States may decide to implement their own salary and allowance increases in the wake of the Centre’s Seventh Pay Commission implementation.

As the statement accompanying the rate decision points out, CPI inflation has risen by around two percentage points since the MPC’s last meeting in August: from 1.46% in June 2017, to a provisional 3.36% in August. The RBI’s September survey of household inflation expectations too has shown in qualitative responses a marked uptick in the proportion of respondents expecting the general price level to increase by more than the current rate. The welter of domestic pressure points on prices has also coincided with, in the MPC’s words, “an escalation of global geo-political uncertainty and heightened volatility in financial markets due to the U.S. Fed’s plans of balance sheet unwinding and the risk of normalisation by the European Central Bank.” In the face of such a “juxtaposition of risks” to the outlook for price stability, the overwhelming majority of the MPC’s six members saw little choice but to hold rates; there was a solitary dissent vote for a 25 basis points cut. The RBI’s policymakers simultaneously raised their inflation projection for the second half of the current fiscal to a 4.2-4.6% range and cut the estimate for real Gross Value Added growth this year to 6.7%, from the August forecast of 7.3%. Reiterating the urgent imperative to “reinvigorate investment activity” to spur growth, the MPC has laid the onus squarely on the government’s shoulders: from suggesting the recapitalisation of stressed state-owned lenders, to calling for further simplification of the GST regime and urging that stalled public sector investment projects be restarted. The baton has been passed and now it is for the Centre to do the running.

Magical Vocabulary from “The Hindu Editorial”

  1. Unwavering (Adjective) साबित : Steady or resolute; not wavering.

Synonyms-  Steady, fixed, resolute, resolved, firm, constant, steadfast, enduring, abiding.

Antonyms – Wavering, irresolute, varying

Example – You’ve got to just hold steady and steadfast and unwavering in certain situations.

  1. Agitating (verb) उत्तेजित करना/ घबरा देना:To excite, disturb, or trouble (a person, the mind, or feelings); worry.

Synonyms: Provoking, astound, distemper, unhinge, flummox, incite, rouse, excite, stimulate.

Example: Child-protection agencies would agitate to rescue him from the sanctuary.

  1. Exert (Verb) (खींचना/ बल लगाना) : To apply bodily or intellectual effort/make a physical or mental effort.

Synonyms – Bring to bear, apply, exercise, employ, use, utilize, deploy.

Example – I’m trying to exert maximum pressure.

  1. Respondent (प्रतिवादी) : Replying to something, especially a survey or questionnaire.

Synonyms – litigator, opponent, disputant.

Antonyms –Complainant, Appellant

Example – Most of the respondents to the opinion poll were between the ages of 21 and 24.

  1. Welter (Noun) (भ्रम, उलझन) : A large number of items in no order; a confused mass./ a state of wild disorder.

Synonyms – Confusion, jumble, tangle, mess, hodgepodge, mishmash, mass.

Antonyms – orderly, peace, calm

Example-  The company says that investors have ample protection thanks to a welter of federal and state rules governing brokers.

  1. Juxtaposition (Noun)(मुक़ाबला/ तुलना) : The fact of two things being seen or placed closed together with contrasting effect.

Synonyms – Apposition , proximity, Adjacency

Antonyms – Parting, detachment, distance

Example – The juxtaposition of the two names was probably not accidental.

  1. Solitary (adjective) (अकेला/ एकमात्र) : Having few companions; lonely.

Synonyms – lonely, companionless, unaccompanied.

Antonyms –Together, crowd, gregarious

Example – What do you want for one solitary million quid?

  1. Dissent (Noun) (मतभेद/ असहमत होना) : The expression or holding of opinions at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially held.

Synonyms – Disagreement, difference of opinion, argument, dispute, disapproval, objection, protest.

Antonyms –Uncaring, careless. Dismissive.

Example – They don’t extend to justices who have dissented from the principle.

  1. Reinvigorate (Verb) ( पुनर्जीवित/ फिर ताजा करना ) : To revive or refresh.

Synonyms – Re-energize, fortify, strengthen.

Antonyms – Begin , new , coommence

Example – It is right that the world now looks to a reinvigoration of higher education in Africa.

  1. (verb)(प्रेरणा/ प्रोत्साहित करना) : A thing that prompts or encourages someone; an incentive.

Synonyms – Stimulus, incentive, encouragement, inducement, impetus, prod, motivation, inspiration.

Antonyms –Discourage, disincentive

Example – This exhibition could be just the spur that is needed

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