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Data Interpretation Quiz For IBPS PO Mains

Directions:(1-5) Refer to the following tables and answer the questions.
Softgroup Companies Ltd. has the following schedule of producing items.

1.Due to a complicated project the Physical design took 3 months that is 3,4,5. The number of people working on Physical design in the fifth month was 5. What is the percentage change in the total cost in the fifth month?
a. 120%
b. 150%
c. 200%
d. 100%
e. 160%

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2.If coding took place in months 6-8 and the cost per person is Rs. 15000 then what is the percentage change between the two techniques?
a. 16.33%
b. 16.66%
c. 15%
d. 17.50%
e. 20%

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3.What is the difference in cost incurred between the old and the new technique if physical design took place in 3-5 month and coding in 6-8 month and the remaining same?
a. Rs. 40000
b. Rs. 90000
c. Rs. 60000
d. Rs. 100000
e. Rs. 150000

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4.Which stage of production is the most expensive in Softgroup Companies Ltd?
a. Conceptual design
b. Physical design
c. Coding
d. Implementation
e. Analysis

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5.Which five consecutive months have the lowest average cost per man- month under the new technique if physical design took place in 3-5 month and coding in 6-8 month and the remaining same?
a. 1-5
b. 3-7
c. 9-13
d. 11-15
e. 2-6

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Directions: (6-10)Study the following paragraph and answer the questions
In St. Mary University, the first year is a foundation program for all the students after which in second year the students can opt for their major subject. In 2013, only 70% of the students passed the first year examination and all of those who passed joined in the second year. In 2013, only 20% of students of first year who passed the first year examination joined Physical Sciences, 30% joined the Arts stream, while remaining joined Commerce stream.
Apart from these some students from other Universities who passed their first year also joined St. Mary University. Such students were 20% of the number of first year students from St. Mary University who passed 2013 examination. The break-up of the number of students from other universities across Physical Sciences, Arts and Commerce streams at St. Mary University was in ratio 2:3:5 respectively. In 2013, the number of students in Arts stream in  St. Mary University in second year was 504.

6.How many first year students of St. Mary University appeared for the first year examination in 2013?
a. 2000
b. 2500
c. 3000
d. 2600
e. None of these

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7.What was the number of students in second year Commerce stream in St. Mary University in 2013?
a. 900
b. 840
c. 880
d. 700
e. None of these

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8.In 2013, what percent of science stream students in second year at St. Mary University were first year pass outs from St. Mary University only?
a. 16.66%
b. 83.33%
c. 86%
d. 20%
e. cannot be determined

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9.If after second year, 10% of Commerce stream students changed to Physical Science stream then what would have been the number of students in third year in Physical Science at St. Mary University in 2014? (Assume no outside student was admitted to third year and no student failed in second year examination in St. Mary University)?
a. 420
b. 380
c. 480
d. 460
e. None of these

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10.If the number of girls in second year at St. Mary University in 2013 are distributed in the ratio 2:5:3 across Physical Sciences, Commerce and Arts streams respectively, then what is the number of the girls in second year in 2013 at St. Mary University?
a. 350
b. 255
c. 380
d. 385
e. Cannot be determined

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