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Data Interpretation Quiz

Directions:(1-5) Study the following pie-chart and bar graph and answer the questions.

1.Find the number of products distributed in the country A.
a. 42,879
b. 43,667
c. 42,667
d. 41,225
e. 40,225

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B. 43667

2.How many units of the product has been distributed in country D?
a. 36,664
b. 32,768
c. 35,657
d. 38,789
e. 36,949

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E. 36949

3.State R receives what percent of the product from the total number of products distributed in the whole world?
a. 8.32%
b. 3.83%
c. 6.3%
d. 9.50%
e. 2.22%

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A. 8.32%

Number of Products in state R = 0.32*43667=13973

Required Percentage=(13973/1679500)*100=8.32%

4.Number of products received by country C is how many times the number of products received by state R of country A?
a. 1.44
b. 1.89
c. 2.44
d. 2.67
e. 2.20

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A. 1.44%

5.If the cost of one unit of a product is Rs 21.50 then find the cost country D pays to buy the product?
a. Rs 712256.25
b. Rs 788667.50
c. Rs 786546.50
d. Rs 794403.50
e. Rs 786754.50

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D. Rs 794403.50

Directions: (6-10) Study the following bar graph carefully to answer the questions.

Sales turnover(in Rs. crores) of 6 brands (2009-2010)

6.What is the average of the growth rate of sales turnover for Loreal, Ponds and Nivea over the two years?
a. 51.44%
b. 51.89%
c. 56.02%
d. 59.02%
e. 58%

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D. 59.02%

7.The total sales turnover of companies Sunsilk, Ponds and Vaseline in the year 2009 is what percent of the total sales turnover of the same companies in 2010?
a. 83.27%
b. 82.27%
c. 81.33%
d. 86.7%
e. 80.22%

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A. 83.27%

8.According to a research, the growth rate in 2010 of Pantene should have been 26% of the Sales in 2009. What is the difference between actual growth rate and expected rate in sales turnover?
a. 62%
b. 75%
c. 87%
d. 26%
e. 60%

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B. 75%

9.What is the ratio of the sales turnover of Ponds in 2010 and Nivea in 2009?
a. 97:87
b. 93:87
c. 42:87
d. 95:82
e. 90:87

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D. 95:82

Required ratio= 950 : 820 = 95:82

10.Which of the brands shows the maximum percentage change in sales turnover between the two years?
a. Ponds
b. Nivea
c. Vaseline
d. Loreal
e. None of these

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E. None of these  

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