Data Interpretation Quiz

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Welcome to Online Quant Section  in .  Here we are providing a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI PO 2017 on Data Interpretation .

Data Interpretation Quiz

Direction (1-5): The table given below shows the number of days taken by six workers to complete five different tasks in a field individually. Study the table carefully to answer the questions based on it.

1.If Ashfaq started digging alone and was coordinated by Mayank and Jatin respectively on
alternate days from next day, find the number of days taken by them to complete the work?

A. 10 2/3 Days
B. 11 3/4 Days
C. 9 1/3 Days
D. 9 3/4 Days
E. None of the

2.Lokesh, Faisal and Jatin started watering in the field. But after 2 days Lokesh left and Jatin also left 2 days before completion of work. Find total number of days Faisal worked?
A. 7 days
B. 9 days
C. 8 days
D. 10 days
E. None of these

3.What is the difference in the number of days taken by Rakesh and Mayank together for seeding and that of by Faisal and Jatin together for watering?
A. 3 3/4  days
B. 4 27/35 days
C. 3 27/31 days
D. 3 27/35 days
E. None of these

4.What is the ratio of the average number of working days of Rakesh and that of Faisal for all the activities?
A. 17 : 16
B. 16 : 17
C. 17 : 17
D. 19 : 20
E. None of these

5.Mayank, Faisal and Rakesh together started ploughing while at the same time Jatin, Lokesh and Ashfaq started watering. What is the time difference in the completion of the two works?
A. 3 31/67 days
B. 3 3/7 days
C. 1 3/7 days
D. 1 31/67 days
E. None of these

Directions (6-10)The following line graph shows the number of reams (packets of A4 size paper) in terms of percentage used by three departments of Career Power i.e. Paper dept., Translation dept. and Blogging dept. Provided that total number of reams used per month is 1200 and it remains consistent for all the months. There is no other department using these reams.

6.Find the difference in total number of reams used by paper dept. from January to March and that of by Blogging dept. from April to May?
A. 700
B. 718
C. 780
D. 468
E. None of these

7.In May, Babu working in Paper dept. used 25% of the reams from which he wasted reams. Find the number of reams not wasted by Babu.
A. 68
B. 88
C. 32
D. 44
E. None of these

8.In July Translation dept. demanded 25% more reams than previous month by stationary
supervisor Mr. Vinod, which he denied. But he provided them the reams 16 2/3 % less than that
provided to paper dept. in June. Find the ratio of number of reams demanded and actually
provided to translation dept.

A. 4 : 3
B. 3 : 2
C. 13 : 12
D. 5 : 3
E. None of these

9.By approximately what percent the total number of reams used by Blogging dept. is less than
that of by paper team throughout the given months?

A. 26%
B. 32%
C. 20%
D. 25%
E. 28%

10.Total number of reams used by paper dept. blogging dept. and translation dept. in February,
April and June respectively is what percent of total reams used by Translation dept. in given 6
months ?

A. 49 63/8 %
B. 51 13/37 %
C. 51 15/37 %
D. 50.35 %
E. None of these

*Correct Answer*

  1. Number of reams not wasted by Babu=132-88=44

  2. Reams demanded =1.25×0.36×1200=540

    Reams provided =432-72=360

    ∴Required ratio =3 :2


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