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Cloze Test For IBPS Clerk 2017: Set – 38

Directions: In the following passage, there are ten blanks, which are numbered. Each number is given along and five words are given against it, only one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find the word in each case and fill in the blanks.
Krishna describes a yogi as one who _____1_____ his mind on the Supreme Self, while remaining in _____2_____. He is also self-controlled, free from desires and longing for possessions. The technique of mental discipline on the lines of
Patanjali’s yoga sutra is suggested, pointed out Sri R. Rajagopalan in a discourse. The purpose is to raise one’s consciousness from the ordinary level to a higher state of awareness of the Supreme. Yoga practice helps one to _____3_____
the levels of consciousness in an individual.
Basically an individual has to exercise control and _____4_____ on one’s physical and mental activities, for the mind and body are always involved in action of some sort or the other. For instance, one may sit still and _____5_____ from
work, but still the act of breathing takes place within him. Again, his mind is restless and shifts from thought waves of a varied nature with unimaginable speed and in an uncontrolled manner. Krishna’s first lesson is to make an individual
understand the _____6_____ activity of one’s mind and body that is constantly taking place within him and observe these in a _____7_____ manner. As an exercise in self-discipline, this helps to recognise one’s shortcomings. One learns to
be moderate in his food intake and physical activities and also tries to restrain his thought, word and deed and _____8_____ his sleep and waking.
“Yoga is not for him who eats too much or _____9_____ too much from eating. It is not for one who sleeps too much or keeps awake too much.” Sastras state that the type of food we eat influences our attitude and behaviour. Krishna advises
caution and _____10_____ as various types of food can trigger satva, rajas and tamas in people. The advice is to strive for moderation and avoid extremes in one’s daily activities.

1.Select option for answer-

a. divulge
b. commands
c. protrudes
d. vigilante
e. concentrates

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E. concentrates

2.Select option for answer-

a. affinity
b. solitude
c. amity
d. concord
e. acquaintance

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B. solitude

3.Select option for answer-

a. integrate
b. digest
c. apportion
d. asunder
e. detach

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A. integrate

4.Select option for answer-

a. representation
b. tethering
c. moderation
d. commotion
e. turbulence

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C. moderation

5.Select option for answer-

a. revitalize
b. torment
c. galvanize
d. refrain
e. scourge

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D. refrain

6.Select option for answer-

a. bucolic
b. hectic
c. halcyon
d. quiescent
e. pastoral

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B. hectic

7.Select option for answer-

a. coupled
b. suffered
c. subjugated
d. denominated
e. detached

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E. detached

8.Select option for answer-

a. perturb
b. regulate
c. dement
d. support
e. comprehend

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B. regulate

9.Select option for answer-

a. revivifies
b. abstains
c. instigates
d. rouses
e. spurs

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B. abstains

10.Select option for answer-

a. belittle
b. disdain
c. despise
d. vigil
e. sneer

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D. vigil

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