Best Study Plan for IBPS PO 2022

Hello Aspirants! You all must be thinking, why you need to read this article, “How to Make Study Plan for IBPS PO 2022” as you all aware of whole stuff regarding IBPS PO 2022. It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed by the information you have for your IBPS PO 2021 as it is one of the most renowned banking sector exams. In spite of this, you need to know one more thing that “The thing which is more famous, have more competition”.  In this era, getting a government job becomes next to possible.

So if you want to make it possible you must have a concrete plan which is called Study Plan. This article will help you to create the best study plan for IBPS PO 2022 after all you are preparing 4 to 8 hours for this exam and you must be practicing different types of questions and you need to keep all the details straight in your hand.

IBPS PO Strategy Preparation Plan 2022

So, your today’s goal is to make the outline of your specific IBPS PO 2022 Study Plan. Instead of saying, “I need to study for IBPS PO” and your body starts feeling under pressure you must say this “Today is Monday and I will take quizzes for this particular topic.” OMG, don’t you think that the second sentence is more relaxing? It is specific and focused. In lieu of having whole IBPS PO 2022 pizza, you are handling one delicious slice.

So, here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before going to make a Study Plan for IBPS PO 2022.

  • What do you need to study?
  • When do you need to study?
  • How do you need to study?
  • Why do you need to study?
  • What not need to do during the study?

We will discuss all these points in detail one by one and along with that, we will discuss some specific links that will help you to enhance your skills. So we are going simplify your IBPS PO 2022 Study Plan down or you can say “This is the next best step towards your IBPS PO 2021 journey”. Sounds good? Great!

1. What you need to study: Start by picking your subject order. For IBPS PO 2022, we recommend you to write your subjects in ascending order as per your interest or command. How you are good at them. For instance, Mr. X is very good at English, Reasoning but mediocre on Quantitative Aptitude. Now his order will look like this:

IBPS PO 2022 Study Plan: English – Reasoning – Quantitative Aptitude

Now, for this arrangement what Mr. X to do is divide quantitative aptitude in two parts and start preparation of maths like he will make a group of Simplification, Data Interpretation, Number Series in one group, and Arithmetic problems, Inequalities, Data Sufficiency, etc in another group.

After doing this what Mr. X, he has to realize that on which group I am good at so focus on that and gain sufficient marks to crack sectional cut-off. Don’t think that you will have to solve each question of it. Do work smartly you can gain more marks on those things where you are good on them. So, now you can do this kind of thing as per your interest and convenience.

2. When you need to study: Now you have cleared subjects and arranged them as per your convenience, now it’s time to think “When” you are going to study them. While doing this, we need to look at two areas: your period of time until your IBPS PO Pre 2022 and how you will structure your days and weeks till test day.

If you have a test date scheduled, you can work backward from that date. If you don’t have a test date scheduled and you can get some hints from some previous year’s IBPS PO exam dates, but I recommend you give yourself at least 2-3 months to study for IBPS PO 2022. Yup, that’s quite sufficient time for a dedicated aspirant!

3. How you need to study: We are going to discuss those tools, which help you set yourself up for success as you study.

Lessons that dive deep into the material: Go and watch YouTube videos they are updated source of content at Rs. 0 and follow some monthly based magazines or newspapers.

Take Quizzes: Once you have detailed information regarding a particular topic, now you can take that chapter quizzes so you can sharpen your preparation. Here is a link for all subjects’ quizzes for IBPS PO 2022.

English Language Reasoning Ability
Quantitative Aptitude Current Affairs

Practice: It does not matter how well you understand the concept, sometimes you forget things at the last moment. After so many weeks of preparation there is no other way around it except ‘Practice’ you must have to practice things again and again.

Mock Test: Take mock tests once in a week and give your attention on the analysis part which will tell you on which topics your performance is not good, where you are average and where you are good at. After it practices and focuses on those topics where you are lacking.

4. Why you need to study: Whew! It’s quite a weird or most important question that will clear your whole vision. Preparing for IBPS PO 2022 takes dedication, planning, and practice still why we would do that?

For example, maybe cracking an exam is the best tool to enhance your confidence..


Maybe you want to get the most prestigious government job.


Maybe you want to be a banker.


Maybe you love cash handling.


Maybe you want pretty wife or dowry. I know this one is quite weird but this still exists in our minds.


Maybe Insecurities, you feel insecure in the private sector.

Or you may have some other reasons to join this but it takes a lot of hard work to crack this exam.

5. What not need do during Study: We have already talked about all things that is required for the Study plan, but one more thing that we also should consider that during preparation things we have to avoid.

  • Don’t use those mobile apps and groups which kill your time.
  • Don’t eat unhealthy food which will make you weak and lazy.
  • Stay back from the Politics and Religion discussion.

We hope this article will help you for making Study Plan for IBPS PO 2022. This is a lot of work, and you are awesome for tackling it with a plan. And one last thing: ask for help if you need it. You got this. Happy Learning and Keep Practicing soon you will achieve your goal.