Banking and Finance Awareness for IBPS PO: Set-18


Banking and Finance Awareness

Banking and Finance Awareness. Welcome to the online learning section. If you are preparing for IBPS PO/Clerk 2017 exam, you will come across a section on Banking and Finance Awareness Section. Here we are providing you Banking and Finance Awareness Questions for IBPS PO based on the latest pattern for your daily practice.

This “Banking and Finance Awareness Questions for IBPS PO” is also important for other banking exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS SO, SBI SO and other competitive exams.

Banking and Finance Awareness Questions: Set-18

1.______ is an international financial institution that offers investment, advisory, and asset management services to encourage private sector development in developing countries.

E. None of these

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2. Consider the following pairs:
1. Asian Development Bank: Tokyo
2. Asian-Pacific Economic Corporation: Singapore
3. Association of South East Asian Nation: Bangkok
Which of the above pairs is/are correct matched?

A. Only 1
B. Only 2
C. Only 3
D. Both 1 and 2
E. Both 2 and 3

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3.Which bank has embarked on large scale transformation program – Project Ananya, which aims to provide customers with best in class services while improving and modernizing the whole Bank?

B. Syndicate Bank
C. Corporation Bank
D. Karnataka Bank
E. None of these

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4.We suppose that Reserve Bank of India would like to increase the cash Reserves of the commercial banks. Which among the following would be most appropriate action of the RBI to achieve this aim?
A. RBI would release gold form its reserves
B. RBI would raise the reserve ratio
C. RBI would buy the bonds in the open market
D. RBI will stop the transactions which involve the bills of exchange
E. None of the above

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5. The Union government will launch an umbrella programme____________ for food processing sector with____________crore outlay to integrate current and new schemes.
A. BHOJAN,8000 Crore
B. SAMPADA, 5000 Crore
C. ALPAHAR, 6000 Crore
D. SAMPADA,6000 Crore
E. SARDA,6000 Crore

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6. According to SEBI’s new slew of reforms all listed companies including PSUs must have public shareholding of_________. The decisions were taken at a board meeting of Sebi here and included many reform measures to boost ____________.

A. 20%, Share Market
B. 24%, Capital Market
C. 25%, Primary Market
D. 25%, Secondary Market
E. None of these

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7.Which of the following is/are true about the ‘’Sub- prime Crisis?(the term was very much in news recently).
I. It is Mortgage Crisis referring to Credit default by the borrowers
II. Sub-Prime borrowers were those borrowers who were rated low and were high risk borrowers
III.The crisis originated of negligence in credit rating of the borrowers

A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Only III
D. All of the above
E. None of these

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8.Which of the following denominations of Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) are not available to the investors?
A. Rs.1000
B. Rs. 5000
C. Rs. 10,000
D. Rs.25, 000
E. Rs. 50,000

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9.Which of the following is issued by the govt. on discount to face value, while the holder gets the face value on maturity and the return on them is the di􀃗erence between the issue price and face value?
A. Commercial Paper
B. Treasury Bills
C. Certificate of Deposit
E. None of these

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10. Which Indian bank has launched a mobile banking app “Mera iMobile” for rural customers?
A. YES Bank
C. HDFC Bank
D. State Bank of India (SBI)
E. IndusInd Bank

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