Banking and Finance Awareness for IBPS PO: Set-17


Banking and Finance Awareness

Banking and Finance Awareness. Welcome to the online learning section. If you are preparing for IBPS PO/Clerk 2017 exam, you will come across a section on Banking and Finance Awareness Section. Here we are providing you Banking and Finance Awareness Questions for IBPS PO based on the latest pattern for your daily practice.

This “Banking and Finance Awareness Questions for IBPS PO” is also important for other banking exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS SO, SBI SO and other competitive exams.

Banking and Finance Awareness Questions: Set-17

1.The Reserve Bank of India has planned to open the Unified Payment Interface platform for which of the following under digitization campaign?

A. Digital Wallets
B. E-Commerce Firms
C. Online Transport Firms
D. Online Classified Ads Firms
E. None ofthesee

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2. A Bank/Financial Organization these days relies heavily on e-commerce for its transaction. As a part of system security, it has introduced organization’s security awareness manual. This step of the organization can be classified under which one of the following categories of measures for a business?

A. Preventive Vigilance
B. Compliance
C. Corrective
D. Detective
E. None of the above

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3.Which Indian bank has launched a unique credit card “Unnati” to spread credit inclusion?

A. Corporation Bank
D. HDFC Bank
E. None of these

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4.A financial market by a group of securities in which prices are rising or are expected to rise. The term is most often used to refer to the stock market, but can be applied to anything that is traded, such as bonds, currencies and commodities is known as _______?
A. Bear market
B. Bull market
C. Currency market
D. Commodity market
E. None of these

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5. Reserve Bank of India has raised the ceiling of gold loans given by regional rural banks (RRB) to ______________ from Rs 1 lakh, expanding the access to credit for farmers and artisans willing to pledge gold as collateral.
A. 2 lakh
B. 3 lakh
C. 4 lakh
D. 5 lakh
E. None of these

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6. A time period that is considered from the inception of the credit, investment or negotiable instrument and ends upon the maturity or expiry of the instrument is referred as ________

A. Amortizing Swap
B. Amortization Period
C. Asset Backed Security
D. Attrition Analysis
E. None of these

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7.Which state has become the first Indian state to carry ?nancial inclusion and extend banking services to unbanked areas through Self Help Groups (SHGs)?

A. Maharashtra
B. Haryana
C. Gujarat
D. Andhra Pradesh
E. Odisha

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8.__________ are also issued under the Market Stabilization Scheme(MSS).
A. Treasury bills
B. Commercial Paper
C. Certificate of Deposit
D. All of these
E. None of these

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9.Which of the following is not a Credit Rating Agency in India?
E. None of these

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10. NEFT is an electronic fund transfer system that operates on a _________ basis, which settles transactions in batches.
A. Declared Net Settlement (DNS)
B. Domain Net Settlement (DNS)
C. Defined Net Settlement (DNS)
D. Deferred Net Settlement (DNS)

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