Art & Culture UPSC:

Art & Culture UPSC a topic which concerns strategy with sources to prepare and important parts to be covered essentially for UPSC, answering the question of how to prepare and what to prepare. Art & Culture is very vast topic if we cover whole Indian Art and Culture so here the need of hour is to be precise and accurate.

To answer Art & Culture UPSC question one thing is established you should have clearity about what is asked in question, means it cannot be solved by lightning on simple concepts but it need facts and accurate data to answer. Art & Culture UPSC include various visual arts, performing arts, dance, architecture, music, language etc.

So we at LST offers you the well researched data to make you understand art and culture framework.

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Above you can observe that Art and Culture subject for upsc is covering a vast area to be studied with a problem of any concrete books unavailability.  Almost every book of Art & Culture available in market covers almost huge loads of Art and Culture  material so aspirants finds it to grasp and grip Art & Culture.


Lets study together team has done a lot of research and effort in upcoming with the strategy for Art and Culture for upsc and here are some observations

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If we see the data of ancient India questions from 2009-2015 questions asked are from(for prelims)

Temple and cave architecture 7 questions
Buddhism and Jainism 12 questions (majority Buddha)
Indus valley civilization and Ancient Vedic civilization 6 questions
Gupta age 3 questions
Dances 4 questions


So above observation can leads to

Topic to cover  essentially-

  • Indus valley civilization
  • Vedic civilization
  • Gupta age
  • Mauryan age
  • Cave architecture
  • Temple architecture
  • Buddhism (philosophy and architecture and life of Buddha)
  • Jainism (philosophy and social change)
  • Indian school of philosophy (according to ncert)
  • Classical dances and music in India
  • Medieval architecture and administration


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Sources available:-

11th NCERT

12th NCERT

CCRT Notes

Nios painting Notes

NIOS Culture and heritage


For prelims above topics of Art & Culture are essentially to be covered . we at lets study are also trying to make concise and precise notes in upcoming days.

“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” -Walt Disney

All the very best and lets study together.











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