10 Helpful Websites for Foreign Students: How to Save Time, Energy and Money While Studying
10 Helpful Websites for Foreign Students: How to Save Time, Energy and Money While Studying

10 Helpful Websites for Foreign Students: How to Save Time, Energy and Money While Studying

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming while you need to focus on an especially significant essay? Or maybe just the other way around – working your fingers to the bone, literally sleeping with your research paper, missing out the brightest days of your green years? We are all simply people, and, with our nonsensical tendency of running to extremes. Such a lifestyle isn’t for most people’s liking. Choosing any of these extremes may very soon backfire on you.

Still, nothing is impossible. By changing from an ever-exhausted human being to a blossoming young specialist. Sounds like a dream? Not exactly. In this article, we are going to list the sites that are rated in the best way to help students not to burn out but balance their study and leisure. Here we go.

1. CustomWritings.com

Too predictable, you might say. A writing service? Yep, a rather good online writing service. This cheap essay writing service will help those who are not born to write. Without exaggeration, this platform does what it’s called to do. Trust any writing assignment – a dissertation, thesis paper or report – to the college essay writing service – https://www.customwritings.com/college-essay.html to get it and end a term successfully. Buy your first cheap essays and make sure in great results.

2. TED Talks

We know that we’re not discovering America here, but this is great for you. Either for self-development or for the sake of swiping away the boredom and learning progressively, TED will become your favorite among the other educational websites for foreign students. Its mission sounds powerful – ‘Ideas worth spreading’. Lectures on science, culture, politics, business are at your disposal.

3. BBC iWonder

Among useful websites for students, this may, probably, be the most general but worth of your attention. If you always wonder, “Why is it so?”, this site for you. Beside posing unsolved mysteries, the company improves English language skills. BBC language is remaining a model for English speakers all around the globe. Broaden your horizons and level up your English at the same time!

4. StudentRate

Show us a student who doesn’t go out of the shop thinking ‘Oh my goodness… How much have I spent?‘ or ‘It was too expensive for me…’ Look for the way out on this website – from textbooks giveaways to cheap traveling, discounts on gadgets and beauty products. Save your money!

5. OpenStudy

Cramming for exams on your own usually makes you sick and tired. But things change when there is a community. Join a study group according to the subjects – history, chemistry, biology. You don’t need to strive (read: suffer) alone anymore!

6. DragonDictation

Has typing ever made you wanna leave your university? The problem of hours-long typing can be tackled by dictating. Such services not only make the process of writing several times faster but make dyslexic students’ life easier!

7. BenchPrep

Preparing for a test can and must be fun. Life consists of work-and-study moments. Why not make it exciting? Visual learners will rejoice over an extensive range of interactive tests and flashcards.

8. FutureLearn

This educational platform is incomparable to any other. What makes the website exceptional is that you are offered online courses from leading universities of the world. Nutrition, maths, science, linguistics, art, environment – a lot to choose from.

9. Evernote

What can be more convenient than a planner? Nothing. Today, you can have a planner on your smartphone – events, goals, lists will be good reminders of what you’ve got to do. Prioritize your everyday tasks and succeed in everything!

10. EasyBib

Organizing references can sometimes be a nuisance for most students. But it doesn’t have to bother you if you are on this website. The service guides you through citations, generates the correct list, makes the title page, etc. Save time with EasyBib leaving more of it for what really matters. Remember that you can write the whole paper with the help of real experts? Come back to the first point and refresh your memory how you can save time, energy and money while studying!

So, you have all the useful tools to simplify your student life – don’t miss anything in it!